• Pomegranate Flower

Margaret Fitzpatrick is a qualified and experienced artist.

Margaret began her professional career as a freelance Heraldic Artist and Calligrapher and examples of her work hang in St George’s Chapel Windsor, in Westminster Abbey and in the Inns of Court. Since the 1990s Margaret has focused on Botanical Illustration and has had work hung in many exhibitions and galleries. Her training in the detailed and precise work of heraldry and illumination is reflected in Margaret’s botanical illustrations.

Artist’s Statement

At the core of my work is the fundamental value of drawing. Whether botanical or landscape, I sketch and work from life whenever possible.

I am fascinated by the medium of watercolour and how I can use it to portray realism, vibrant colour and a sense of light.

I have a love of mark making with dry media specifically graphite and metalpoint and the delicacy of line and subtlety of texture that these media can produce.

Whether in watercolour or the dry media, I am fascinated by the effect of light on form and the use of contrast and tone to emphasise the detail, pattern and intricate structure of plants and the natural world. With my more recent work I am working larger than life to portray the fascinating patterns and textures of flowers and plants.